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Genesis Pro Solutions
Average rating:  
 23 reviews
 by Evalyn Rousay

Brent J was amazing! He worked quickly and did a great job. We enjoyed his company, he was very friendly and professional.

 by Carly Snider

Brent has worked on my house several times in the past 5 years and is an absolute gem! Gets things done very efficiently and is overall a great worker and person. Would absolutely recommend him to others.

 by Joe Davidson

They always send out Brent J to my location. It is nice to work with the same person. He always fixes our issues and he takes the time to explain how things work, what causes issues, and best practices. Rock on, Genesis Pro Solutions!


Brent Jarvis did outstanding work. His attention to detail and professionalism really stood out. We have the best looking house on the block thanks to Brent. Highly recommended!

 by Jim Hinson

They take care of my single family rentals. Brent takes care of them like they are his own. I completely trust his decisions on maintainance. Brent and staff are really exceptional. I appreciate them so much!

 by Jakob Haxby

Great company to work for!!!!

 by Kaylee Preiss

Brent is the man you want when something needs fixed! Always professional. Always kind. He is quick and efficient. We’ve needed a few things tended to in the last couple of months and each time he is over the issue is fixed and there’s always a few laughs to be shared. I feel comfortable having him in my home with or without me being there, and that is huge! Personable and professional.

 by Alethea C.

What a great company. Really excellent communication and responsiveness. The work was top-notch, timely, and professional. We will definitely use this service again!

 by Keirsten Stewart

Brent came to our home today to repair some smoke alarm issues. He was professional, polite and helped troubleshoot our issues. He replaced parts that needed replaced and made sure our problem was fixed before he left. We would definitely call Brent in the future if we needed anything. He was the best repair guy we have ever worked with. Highly recommend!

 by Rubydoobiedee

Handyman Brent Jarvis was fast and efficient and performed the requested repairs in a workmanlike manner. I will certainly call again when I need an excellent handyman service.

 by Dave G

Phil installed some crown molding we had on hand. From my first phone call to completion we are totally satisfied.

 by Logan Wetherholt

I currently rent through Cornerstone PM and Genesis PRo handles all of our maintenance needs. They have been super responsive and helped out with all of our work orders. Super professional team- couldn't say a bad thing about them.

 by Natali Gibson

Excellent handyman and easy appointment set up! Our shower was leaking and we were told by two other companies that we would have to replace most or all of the shower tiles or the whole thing. Genesis Pro Solutions repair man came in and identified the problem quickly and had it resolved that day. The other guys wouldn't even get into the nitty gritty and figure it out, they just said they would have to replace the whole shower or at least the floor to figure it out.

Thank you, thank you! If I could give ten stars, I would! 🙂

 by Maureen Page

Brent came and installed shower components as well as rehanging a blind and secure a ceiling fan. He was super nice and did a great job. I was hand sanding cabinets I had painted and he offered his electric sander to me to use. Overall a great experience!

 by Tawsha Box

Every single time we use Genesis Pro Solutions we get a service that goes above and beyond. I’ve never had such consistently positive experiences like I do with GPS. Highly recommend.

 by Lisa Mckee

Unfortunately my new rental has had a few minor and major problems since I moved in 2 months ago. Tara has been great to work with. She addressed the problems, sent qualified repair companies out to access the issues, worked with the owners for approval and had the jobs completed in a very timely manner. I would highly recommend GPS!

 by Stacey Bullard

This company is amazing to work with! They understood our budget and helped us find ways to stay within the budget. They completed the project on time and it looked like a whole new house!

 by F W

Very pleased with this company. I highly recommend them. One of their repair guys Brent is just a pleasure to be around. Very quick to get the job done & professional. They will be our first call in the future.

 by Matt Reif

I was a little nervous to put in a repair request for a few small things at our new home, but I'm so incredibly glad I did. Working with Brent at Genesis Pro was a breeze!

First, he called me with a wide open schedule, offering to meet me whenever was best for me. He was very accommodating to my schedule.

Second, he confirmed all the fixes I requested *before he even showed up*. This made me feel comfortable that he was prepared and brought the right materials and tools.

Third, he was very professional, friendly, and personable. We immediately hit it off and were chatting about life, Idaho, nature, and technology as he expertly repaired miscellaneous things in my home. He was very likable, and we were chatting like old friends in no time.

Fourth, he was very respectful of our home. He was as quiet as he could be when he was in the same room as my wife and children during home school. He cleaned up all trash after himself, including all the packaging and miscellaneous scraps from his work.

I will absolutely work with Genesis Pro in the future and encourage anyone who needs a job done - big or small - to call them!

Thanks Brent Jarvis! You rock!

 by Sagecrest Management

We absolutely love this company. They do amazing work. Thanks for everything.

 by Elizabeth Vachal

I highly recommend Genesis Pro Solutions. Their staff is absolutely amazing. The handyman is punctual. And in the end it looks like there wasn't even a repair done.

 by Michael Marion

I am extremely grateful for a company that offers such professional aid to homeowners in times when they cannot handle a situation that can arise in the world of home-ownership. Genesis Pro Solutions sent out their job appraiser Brent, who listened to what I wanted to accomplish and proceeded to make it happen. He was professional, very respectful, and was able to create solutions to any elements in my project that needed an improvement. The appraisal cost was free and the charge for the job was very fair. This experience guarantees a great word-of-mouth reputation for this company. I will call them again and recommend them to others.

 by Amelia Harnish

I had a clogged drain. It wasn't an emergency but it was a total nuisance and it kept my home from functioning properly. G.P.S. was quick to respond and they provided great service. They were very efficient. Brent, the technician, was prompt, professional and left his work area looking better than when he arrived. I felt comfortable having him in my home unsupervised. He let me know when he was done and thanked me for the business. Thanks for the great work, Genesis Pro Solutions!